Our Clients

Our clients are busy people. Some are mid-career professionals, business owners and educators; many are approaching retirement or already retired. Most are actively involved with their families and community organizations.

Why PWA?

Before we begin a financial planning or advisory relationship with new clients, we believe it is essential for us to develop a solid, detailed understanding of who you are, individually and as a family, your specific needs and goals, as well as your concerns and challenges.

Let’s Talk

Our Introductory Conversation is designed to determine whether our philosophy and process are a good match for what you need from a financial advisor.

The News You Need to Know & Upcoming Events

The News You Need To Know | February 2017

The Recent Rise in Identity Theft

Steps to defend yourself.

Many of our clients have expressed concern about the recent rise in identity thefts. If you’re concerned, here are some steps you can take to help defend yourself.

Don’t trash it; shred it. Shred anything financial, aside from your tax records: credit card statements, […]

The News You Need to Know | January 2017

Markets in Perspective Q4 2016

An unanticipated event.

Provided by Loring Ward

Without question the biggest story of the fourth quarter, in fact all of 2016, was the U.S. presidential election. Regardless of your political leaning, it is a fair bet that market performance during and after the election qualifies as what […]

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